"Gateway to New Orleans"

LIMA is working to create a Super Yacht Marina for visiting yachts from around the world.  These yachts, their owners and guests will now be able to enjoy Downtown New Orleans by stepping off their yachts in a friendly and secure environment and enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer.  

This project is part of the efforts to re-develop low impact and un-used areas of the riverfront into vibrant and active places.  This project will create a new "Gateway" from downtown to the river, opening up views, vistas and access for all.

The project brings new visitors and activity to the city, creating new economic development opportunities, directly benifiting tourism, hospitaility and other key industries in the city. This project brings the international yachting community to Louisiana and enriches the riverfront by opening up access and views for all to enjoy.



Members include those interested in positive promotion of the Marine industry in Louisiana.  Not only the general boating community, yachts, fishing vessels, commercial traffic and others.

We believe that all boaters come together in the use of the waterways and thus share in the goals for maintaining and improving both access and the quality of our waters.

 About Us  

Louisiana Marine Industry Association (LMIA) provides leadership to the marine industry.

We support all boaters, from small fishing skiffs to yachts to the largest commerical vessels on our waters and those who build, maintain and service the industry.  We are a sponsor and promoter for the industry in Louisiana and work to bring good people together to create awareness of the importance of the economic impact on this industry in Louisiana.